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Health and Hygiene

Virtually everyone knows that stress can be bad, exercise is good, "you are what you eat" and, of course, being sick is no way to live. Right? After all, these are ideas that seem so obvious that many people overlook their importance in maintaining fitness of body and mind. As a professional massage therapist, though, you'll have a keen appreciation of the wellness concepts that inform the why and how of these simple truths. You'll also learn what you can do about them for your clients and yourself.

This 20-hour Health and Hygiene course presents an essential component of the science involved in therapeutic massage, a component that complements your Basic Program studies in human anatomy and physiology.

You'll learn about
  • The effects of stress
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Microbiology and pathology
  • Disease prevention—including a 3-hour HIV/AIDS awareness class


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